BaseCamp® is an innovative anxiety program for children aged 7 to 12 years. Developed by Clinical Psychologist, Dr Kathryn Berry, and the Quirky Kid team, BaseCamp® draws on decades of experience, combining a sound theoretical cognitive-behavioural approach with effective, engaging and child-centred activities.

BaseCamp® is based in a fictional Australian National Park. Children are invited on a journey to explore themed settings, team up with a support crew of experienced guides and interact with park animals, all intended to help them tackle the challenges of managing and overcoming anxiety.

The program provides participants with a concise and engaging set of materials to help them build a repertoire of anxiety management skills and to support the development of essential social and emotional learning (SEL) skills for children aged 7 to 12 years.

The Program covers:

  • Understanding Worry, Anxiety, and its components.

  • Practice cognitive restricting techniques to develop more realistic and helpful ways of thinking about the situations and events that make them anxious.

  • Implement guided graded exposure exercises to develop coping strategies and to develop more realistic views about overcoming worries.

  • Practice relaxation technics to reduce overall arousal levels and physiological tension typically associated with anxiety.

  • Learn relapse prevention techniques to consolidate on anxiety-management techniques and learn how to generate an action plan when difficulties are confronted.

Term 3 Program Details:
The programs will be running weekly (for 8 weeks). Please review the bookings details below:

  • 8 practical sessions of 1 hour in duration for a maximum of 4 participants.

  • 2 x 30 minutes parent consultations (phone) before and after the program

  • An exclusive workbook featuring interactive activities, facts, fieldwork, and stories.

  • Weekly email updates with key program content and suggestions for home and school.

  • Group programs are held at the Hopscotch Partners Clinic, Bowral


Book Now:
The EARLY BIRD registration is $740  per child (This is only $92.50 plus per session).

VERY IMPORTANT: Payment is required prior to the group commencement date. Missed sessions are not able to be made up as this is a structured group program.


Download parent information here